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For some organizations attracting the right talent isn’t always an easy task. With the help and support from the team at TXM, we can help your brand stand out from the competition, attracting the best talent into your organization. Utilizing innovative technology, Voyse is a candidate attraction platform which enhances your employee experience and hiring process.

Candidate attraction is a vital first step of the recruitment process, enabling you to showcase to potential employees what it’s really like to work at your company, providing insight on your people, departments, culture, and values that makes your business a desirable and unique place to work.

Voyse enables you to strengthen your employer brand in a visually immersive way, capturing candidate engagement whilst delivering your core brand message. The candidate attraction platform can be completely personalised to your brand and tailored to your target audience who you’re aiming to attract into your organization.

Here’s some of benefits you’ll see by implementing our candidate attraction platform, Voyse:

  • Attract and engage the best talent

  • Visually showcase your culture, work ethic, people, diversity, values

  • Create targeted talent attraction campaigns

  • Utilise AI technology and maximise engagement around the clock

  • Real-time analytics

  • Integrated technology that works with your systems

  • Maximise employer brand and employee experience

If you’d like to see Voyse in action and understand more about how our candidate attraction tool works, please do get in touch with the team for a free consultation.

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